Sightseeing in Crna Gora

Sightseeing 700

Nature of Montenegro are surprisingly diverse and truly unique. Stunning coastline with beautiful bays, numerous large and small beaches, picturesque coves, majestic mountains , canyons, swift rivers and lakes compactly located on a relatively small area.

Architectural attractions of Montenegro are amazing. Orthodox monasteries , as well as the walls and towers of the ancient cities could impress everyone and give a chance to touch to history of Balkans.

The major attractions of Montenegro :

  • Kotor Bay
  • Old Town of Kotor
  • Tara River Canyon
  • monastery Ostrog
  • Cetinje monastery
  • Skadar Lake
  • Lovcen National Park
  • Old Bar

We will help you to see and enjoy all this magnificence . Let us know your preferences in advance and we will arrange group or individual tour.